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Duct Tape Romeo (new song demo)

I am Dorothy, but this is not Oz

a photograph is a cup of water

the myth of the expat

through the rain and cold

the magic trick

the hidden fortress (my name is mud)

Gabriel don't you blow your trumpet 'til you hear it from me

how to make the world go around (sometimes you have to dig a little)

sour milk and old chestnuts

after the circus left town


I see you

the fighting back

you know my name

a new chapter

Someone else's heroes

take care of the nickels

the stairs


the other man

Hello, Alice

I am the hot, I am the cold (part 2)

Elephants (the real rejection)

the clarinet and the saxophone

father fury (a crisis)

WHALE (crying into the dark)

the father

the place where all roads begin

the shovel (the same question)

landushi (their ocean)

finding time

the going back

the game (the vigilante)

the demo

the winter that never ends

to run

no man is an island

the train station negroni (a celebration)

the invisible man (finally)

mascara in the rain

of ashtrays and flowers

the tiniest red carpet