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the white table

The days are not long. The nights are short. Guitars are hiding in cases, with scraps of paper tucked inside. The pen is full. There is a fresh notebook, with creamy pages. The little white desk is in the middle of the living room, a cascade of receipts and laundry perched on it.

I clean it off, have lunch as it stares back at me. This focal point, this fulcrum where my thoughts become real, this cheap folding table from Ikea. It is familiar, and patient.

Amelia (The Canary)

strangers to the conversation

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to be an expat


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the letter reader




the lost years

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the white square

(looking for) the heart of Saturday Night

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Silver Street

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the black sands of Ureki

ALBINO (PART 2/SECTION TWO - the last excerpt)

Albino (part 2/section one - the Mars Bar)

Albino (part one)

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best personal blogs